Leather Protection Cream
Leather Protection Cream
Leather Protection Cream
Leather Protection Cream

Leather Protection Cream

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LRC4 Awarded Best Leather Protection Cream Around

The worlds only intelligent leather protective system

Our Leather Protection & Conditioner Cream is the barrier you need to keep dirt and grime off your leather.

  • Feeds Leather
  • Suitable For All Leather Colours 
  • Nourishes Leather
  • Prevents Stains
  • Reduces Wear & Tear
  • Gives waterproof Protection
  • Puts That Genuine Leather Aroma Back
  • Conditions Leather 
  • Reduces Fading 

Dirt and grime will speed up the wear process, causing additional damage that could have been avoided if the leather protection cream had been used. This can be solved with our leather protection cream. With its built-in clever protection, it forms an excellent shield for your leather items protecting them for future dirt and grime.

The protection cream offers UV protection, which is essential given our fluctuating weather conditions, and it's also a water-based product, so it provides excellent protection for your leather products as a whole.

Take a look at the YouTube Video about this product

How Often Should We Apply: Protection Cream should be applied once every three months on pigmented leather, if its heavy use pigmented leather then monthly, for aniline leathers its best to apply three to four coats each time and apply every two months if the aniline item is used daily, if not every three months. 

Available sizes, 100ml – 3.4 fl oz, 250ml – 8.5 fl oz, 500ml – 17 fl oz, 1ltr – 34 fl oz, 5ltr – 176 fl oz

Uses, to be used on all types of leather (other than suede and nubuck), to feed and protect the leathers surface, making leather soft and supple with natural ingredients. Do not use any of the products in this leaflet on suede or nubuck.

Works on, car interiors, furniture, handbags, leather jackets, shoes, motorcycle suits, equestrian, purses, vinyl’s, pigmented, semi aniline, waxy pull up, two tone, antique, aniline, rub off, faux, vegan, bonded and by cast leathers.

Once Opened, Will last / Use within 36 months (if stored correctly)

Temperatures, do not allow to freeze or go below 7 ℃

Before Use, always check in a small hidden area before using to ensure no colour is released. Make sure the surface deep cleaned and is free of debris and the leather has been vacuumed off first of all and is not wet before use.

Colour, white thick cream

Smell, leather aroma

Formula, water based

Skin Allergies, if you have skin allergies always wear gloves

Cautions,  Harmful if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children, may cause skin irritation. Seek medical attention at once, do not induce vomiting. Avoid contact with eyes, rinse cautiously with water for several
minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and easy to do so, continue rinsing.


It's important to begin protecting your leather items as soon as possible after purchasing. Our Leather Protection Cream helps protect your leather from dirt and grime right away. When you apply our leather protection lotion, you get a lot of advantages. It nourishes and conditions your leather after application, helping to prevent stains from appearing, such as those caused by pen markings, jean dye transfer, and more.

It can be used on many different types of leathers including modern auto interiors, classic car seat interiors. leather garments, shoes, jackets, seats, antique two-tone, oil and wax pull-ups, handbags, aniline leathers, pigment coated leathers, modern leathers, aeroplane interior leathers, equestrian leather, connolised leather, mottled finished leathers, boats and superyachts.


1. Clean the area with our leather cleaner
2. Apply a generous amount of protection cream with a soft cloth or sponge, directly to the leather, making sure you've covered the whole area
3. Let it dry, and enjoy your newly protected leather

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