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Leather Care Kit
Leather Care Kit
Leather Care Kit

Leather Care Kit

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LRCK10 Leather Cleaning Set

Cleaner & Protector for tougher, longer lasting leather..

A complete kit for renovation and restoration of all leather steering wheels, jackets, furniture, handbags, car seats and much more.

This leather cleaning set has a gentle leather cleaner suitable for use on all types of leather (except suede & nubuck). It is perfect for use on all your leather items, furniture, car interior, shoes, jackets, hangbags, equestrian leathers and luggage. Leather Cleaner is recommended for use when your leather has become very dirty.

The leather cleaner provides deep down safe cleaning for your leather car interiors, sofas, dining furniture and bedroom leather furniture. Leather Cleaner is just a leather cleaner, so we recommend that after you have cleaned your leather, you should use the leather protection cream to maintain it to keep it soft and supple.

How to use

Leather Cleaner :

Used to remove surface grease and grime to help with adhesion of leather dyes and colourants.

Its easy to use by soaking a cloth in the Premium Leather Cleaner and simply rub over the surface to remove all types of grime, waxes, silicone build up and dirt.

Then you can proceed with your repairs in the normal way.

Leather Protection cream:

Shake the bottle well before use and during use.

Its best applied sparingly for even better protection, the more you apply once each coating is dry the better the protection, at most three coatings is more than enough to give a very long protection.

Applied thinly will make the protection cream blend In with your leather without changing the appearance / level of sheen.

If you wanted to gain a sheen level on your leather, apply thicker and buff like you would a car polish to produce a nice shiny finish.

Allow the product to dry between coats for around 10 to 15 minutes, once dry this can be buffed to lock in the special molecules giving you fantastic protection.

Conditions Leather

Helps stop leather from drying out, providing a nice protection along with conditioning agents to help keep leather soft and supple.

Stop Stains

Due to its built-in special molecules that when applied to the leather they activate and bond to the surface, creating an invisible barrier of protection like you have never seen before, stopping stains dead in their tracks.

UV Protection

With its built in UV protectors, the protection cream will aid against UV fading and exposure to the sun, helping maintain your leather longer than ever before.

Leather Aroma
The beauty of the leather protection cream is it’s built-in aromas, that bring back that appealing leather smell once again to all old and new leathers alike.

What's Included

• 250ml Leather Cleaner

• 250ml Leather Protection Cream

• LRC Buffing Cloth

• LRC Applicator Pad

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