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The products we use are exclusive to the Leather Repair Company & are used extensively by specialists worldwide, for all leather jacket repairs. We do not charge for estimates. Just fill out the form or give us a call. We will then send you a repair sheet and address labels. The easiest way to clean, repair and restore your leather jacket.

The Leather Repair Company professional leather cleaning services can revive tired, dirty looking items, the Leather Repair Company are experts at ”Putting Life Back Into Leather” The Leather Repair Company is an ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certificated company.

We are proud to be the greenest leather care company in the world, we have even developed and innovated the industry with cutting edge technology and natural solutions to care and repair for leather.

Leather is a natural product and should not ever be dry cleaned, as this could cause severe damage to your loved leather goods, this can dry out the leather instantly leaving you with a dreadful looking leather item, colour loss, stains and all other forms of damage can happen.

Always seek professional advice about leather jacket cleaning before you take your jacket to a cleaning company.

The easiest way to clean, repair and restore your leather jacket

We all love our leather jackets. But over the years they can become a bit ragged round the edges if they’re not properly cleaned or cared for.

Grass stains, food stains and scuffs and scratches can quickly spoil the overall look.

The good news?All types of leather jackets can be repaired, restored and cleaned. Leather preservation of jackets is a large part of our business, we can preserve your leather jackets, or historic leather goods, and antique leather jackets. Keeping your leather jacket cleaned and protected will extend its life span considerably.

DO NOT dry clean leather jackets or use cleaners like household cleaner on them or saddle soaps as they will damage your items. Always seek professional help and guidance.

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